Material Safety Data Sheets

What is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) and how to work safely with the chemical product. It also contains information on the use, storage, handling and emergency procedures all related to the hazards of the material. The MSDS contains much more information about the material than the label. MSDSs are prepared by the supplier or manufacturer of the material. It is intended to tell what the hazards of the product are, how to use the product safely, what to expect if the recommendations are not followed, what to do if accidents occur, how to recognize symptoms of overexposure, and what to do if such incidents occur.


795 Silicone – Dow Corning Acetylene – Airgas
Acetylene – Airgas
Adhesive 2170 – Sarnafil
Air Tool Lubricant – Coilhouse
Air-Bloc 32 – Henry Company
Air-Tool 2533 – CRC Sta-Lube
Alcan Aluminum 6XXX serie alloy – Rio Tinto Alcan
All Purpose Waterproofer – Superdeck
Allstar Lotion Soap – Unisource
Alpolic – Mitsubishi Plastics
Aluminum – Science Lab
Aluminum Alloys – Wyman-Gordan Co
Aluminum Alloys Welding Wires – Welding Material Sales
Aluminum Cleaner – Arcair Protex
Aluminum Composite Panels – Alcoa Architectural
American Custom Paste Wax – Kingdom Restorations, Ltd.
Anti Seize – Loctite
Anti Spatter 200A – Anti Spatter – Dynaflux
Argon – Airgas
Avesta Neutralizer 502 – Bohler
Avesta Pickling Paste 130 – Bohler
Aviation Gasket Sealant- Permatex
AW 32 Hydraulic Fluid – Coastal Uni-Lube
Battery Protector & Sealer – Permatex
Bituthene System 4000 – W.R. Grace & Co.
Box-311 – Electrochemical Products
BP-300 Butyl Sealant – ADCO
Brake Fluid DOT 3 – ITW Global Brands
Brasso Metal Polish – Reckitt Benckiser
Cable Pulling Lubricant, Aqua Gel II – Ideal IndustriesCarburetor & Choke Cleaner – CRC IndustriesCarburetor & Parts Cleaner – Radiator SpecialtyCaviCide – Metrex
Chain Lube – Radiator Specialty
Christy’s Blue Glue – T Christy Enterprises
CitriStrip – W.M. Barr
CLR (Calcium Lime Rust Remover) – Advil
Color To Go – Latex Satin Finish – Sherwin Williams
Comet Cleaner – Procter & Gamble
Commercial Butane – Origin Energy LPG
Cool-Amp – Conducto-Lube Company
Copper – Science LabCopper Alloys – Ryerson
CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner – CRL


Defense 929 Coolant – Dynaflux
Denatured Alcohol – W.M. Barr
Dishwashing Liquid, Sunlight – Diversey
Disinfectant Cleaner – Unisource Worldwide
Disinfecting Wipes – Clorox
Dow Corning 121 Glazing Sealant, BK – Dow Corning
Dow Corning 121 Glazing Sealant, WHT – Dow Corning
Dow Froth Pac – Dow Chemical Co.
DTM Wash Primer – Sherwin Williams
Duo-Fast Lubricating Oil – Paslode
Dyna-Wipes – Dynacco, Inc.
Elasto-Deck BT Type 2 – ER Systems
Epoxy Primer – Carlisle Coatings
Everguard Sealer Part A – GAF Materials Corp
Everguard Sealer Part B – GAF Materials Corp
Everguard TPO Bonding Adhesive – GAF Materials Corp
Everguard Water Block 8008 – GAF Materials Corp
F-610 Soldering Paste – Johnson Manufacturing
Fast Dual Adhesive Part A – Carlisle Syn Tec
Fast Dual Adhesive Part B – Carlisle Syn Tec
Feather-Rite – US Chemical & Plastics
Finishing Wax – Minwax
Fit-Tech Silicone – Schwinn
Flashing Cement – Nemeon
Flux – high_activity_stainless_steel
Foam Control EPS (Polystyrene) – ACH Foam
Furniture Spray – S.C. Johnson
General Purpose Spray Adhesive – 3M
GL-5 Heavy Duty Gear Oil – CRC Industries
Glidden Ultra SGL WH 94800 – Akzo Nobel Canada Inc.
Goo Gone Pro Power – The Homax Group
Great Stuff Pro Gun Cleaner – Dow Chemical Co
Grout Cleaner & Whitener – ZEP
Gunk Green Concentrated Cleaner – Radiator Specialty
Gunther Ultra Bond Mastic – Gunther
Hammered Brown Spray Paint – Rust-Oleum
Hard Surface Cleaner – The Dial Corporation
HE925B Bes Sealant Black – Henry Company
Heavy Duty Degreaser – Genlabs
Hercules Clobber – Hercules Chemical Co.
Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner – C.R. Laurence
Hi-Yield 2,4-D Weed Killer – Voluntary Purchasing Groups
HiHeat Black Spray Paint – Rust-Oleum
Hit-Hy150 Max SD – Hilti, Inc.
HPERF Yellow Striping – Rust-Oleum
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen – Airgas


Patina Antique Solution Blue – Metallic Coatings
Patina Antique Solution Brown – Metallic Coatings
Patina Antique Solution MB Blend – Metallic Coatings
Peak Windshield Wash & Deicer – Old World Industries
Penetrating Catalyst – The Blaster Corp
Permalac Clear Lacquer – Rio Grande
Permalac Clear Satin – Peacock Laboratories
Petroleum Grease Lube – Lubriplate
Pine-Sol – The Clorox Company
Plasti Dip – Plasti Dip International
Polane Accelerator – Sherwin Williams
Polane Polyurethane – Sherwin Williams
Polyethylene 132I Low Density – Dow Chemical Co
Potash Sulfurated – Spectrum Laboratory
Power Steering Fluid – Champion
Prereduced V66V55 – Sherwin Williams
Prestone Starting Fluid – Prestone Honey Well
Prodex Laminate Panels – Prodema
Professional Oil Dyes – Fiebing Company
Propane – Airgas
Propylene Glycol – Science Lab
Pump Armor – Graco Inc.
Puncheasy – Motor Oil Inc
Purecoat Acrylic Eggshell, White Base – Columbia Paint & Coatin
Red Head Epcon C6+ Hardener – ITW Red Head
Red Head Epcon C6+ Resin – ITW Red Head
Red Primer – Rust-Oleum
RP 400 – Geocel, LLC
Sealer & Adhesive Remover – JASCO Chemical Corp
Sikaflex 1A (All Colors) – Sika Corp
Sikasil WS-295 – Sika Corp
Silicone Compound 1212 – Specialty Silicone Products
Silicone Spray Lubricant – ITW Permatex
Simple Green – Sunshine Makers
Solvent-Based Contact Adhesive – Carlisle
Spot Putty, Red Oxide – PPG Industries
Stainless Steels – Ryerson
Stay-Silv White Brazing Flux – J. W. Harris
Stick Wax – Castrol
Super 60 Degreaser – Sky Blue Industries
Sure Seal 90-8-30A Adhesive – Carlisle


3-In-One Oil – WD-40 Company
Aluminum Black Metal Finish – Birchwood Laboratories
Aluminum Primer – Rust-Oleum
Boelube Paste, Med Blue – Orelube Corp.
Crystal Glass Cleaner – Unisource
Denatured Alcohol – W.M. Barr
Dex-Cool Anti Freeze – Chevron
Dow Corning 791 Sealant, Gray – Dow Corning
Dow Corning 795 Sealant, Blk – Dow Corning
Fyre-Caulk, Light Red – Tremco
Goof Off Pro Strength Remover – W.M. Barr
Gunther Premier Plus – Royal Adhesives
Gunther Seal-Kwik Edge Sealer – Gunther Mirror Mastic
Gunther Ultra Bond – Gunther Mirror Mastic
Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner – C.R. Laurence
HIT-ICE Mortar Anchor – Hilti
Husky Air Tool Oil – Campbell-Hausfeld
Irwin Strait Line Marking Chalk, Blue – Irwin Tools
Johnsen’s Hydraulic Jack Oil – Technical Chemical
Liquid Nails LN-601 – Akzo Nobel Paints
Loctite 326 Adhesive – Henkel
Loctite Premuim Const. Adhesive – Henkel
Nevr Dull Wadding Polish – The George Basch Co.
New Rapid Tap Cutting Fluid – Relton
O’Reilly Power Steering Fluid – Omni Specialty
Omni-Pak Master Blend Spray Paints – Sherwin Williams
Pecora 895NST, Black – Pecora Corp.
Race Pro 10W 40 Premium Oil – Race Pro Products
RCS 20 Caulk, White – Momentive
Rusty Metal Primer – Rust-Oleum
SCS1000 Clear Silicone – GES
SCS2800 Silglaze II, 2801 Clear – Momentive
Self Etching Primer – Rust-Oleum
Self Etching Primer, Green – SEM Products
Sikasil WS-295 – Sika
Silpruf SCS2008 Light Gray – Momentive
Slipkote Husky Air Compressor Oil – Specialty Lubricants
SM2163 Silicone Emulsion – Momentive Performance
Titebond Weathermaster Sealant – Franklin International
Tremsil 200, Clear – Tremco
Ultra Cover Primer 2X, Red – Rust-Oleum
Wax Lubricant WS140 – CR Laurence
White Lightning 3006 Adhesive – Sherwin Williams
White Lithium Grease (Spray A) – Lubriplate